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Employee Benefits


Segovia Produce offers many benefits to its employees.  We feel it is important to “treat” everyone the right way in order to keep “good people” around helping us with our ultimate goal:  Customer Satisfaction!


We provide medical insurance to each employee at no cost to them.  Dental, Vision, Disability, Life & Cancer is offered as a supplemental plan.


Each Employee that contributes to our 401K program, we match up to 4.0%.


As Company Profits permit, bonuses are distributed annually.  This has occurred each year since 1972.


SEGOVIA PRODUCE, LTD | (Sick & Vacation) Policy


Years Employed                Week Vacation#               Vacation Hours Sick Hours              Total

1-4 years                             1 week (48)                                plus 48                         96 hours

5-9 years                           2 weeks (96)                                plus 48                        144 hours

10-more                             3 weeks (144)                              plus 48                        192 hours



Employees are paid time and one half after 40 hours and paid 8 hours on major holidays when we are closed.

join our family: emPloyee benefits.

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