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Segovia Produce inventories about $500,000.00 of product at one time.  We feel another unique factor that separates us from anyone else is our “Cold Storage” facilities and their abilities.  We have installed a temperature monitoring system “Lookout” Software.  This software monitors the cooler temps 24/7 and notifies us if a cooler is not within its predetermined temperature range.  We have 16 different rooms available to store incoming product at their “recommended” storage temperature and humidity factor.  This simple storage technique we have adopted allows us to deliver fresher product with an extended shelf life.  Another technique we have chosen to adapt is how we store potatoes.  Notice below we store potatoes at 2 temperatures: 40 degrees and 60 degrees.  We identify customers that are frying their potatoes and ship to them only potatoes that have been stored at 60 degrees.  Storing potatoes at “room temperature” will remove any sugar which causes potatoes to cook up dark colored.


Ripening Room                           60 Degrees

Banana Room                               58 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Pepper/Squash Room                   42-45 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Tomato Room                            55 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Citrus/Melon Room                     40 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Onions-Yellow/White/Red             60 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Iceberg Lettuce Room                  34-36 Degrees/Wet with humidity

Green Leaf/Romaine                     34-36 Degrees/Wet with humidity

Pineapple/Tomatillos                   42-45 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Process Items                              36-38 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Lime Room                               42-45 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Baking Potatoes/Eggs/Avocados    40 Degrees/Dry no humidity

“Frying Potatoes”                         60 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Broccoli/Spinach/Cilantro               34-36 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Specialty Items Cooler                  40 Degrees/Dry no humidity

Baking Potatoes Cooler                 40 Degrees/Dry no humidity


Our Trucks

All our trucks are equipped with the “Fleet Complete” satellite tracking system. This enables us to know where our trucks are at all times. This is an immediate customer relations selling point because sometimes the customer needs us to locate the driver when they are running low on product and redirect them there immediately. Also, each driver carries a cell phone with him as another “communicative tool” that helps us increase our serviceability.


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